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Words of wisdom from the Holistic Living Series:

"Every outcome, good or bad, is simply a turning point in the process. It's but a temporary moment in time that simply reveals your present status and gives some indication of your progress or performance. To give it any more relevance diverts attention away from having a positive impact on what comes next."

"To change your life, or who and what you are, simply change your choices."

"Seriousness is simply ineffective mental posturing that has absolutely no merit. Its only effect is to suck all the joy and fun from life while interfering with a person's natural abilities and intuition."
For Whatever You Seek In Your Life...
Take Charge of Your Life
All of the truly meaningful things in life are yours for the taking - once you end the inner conflict, turmoil and confusion that comes from your body, mind and spirit working against each other.

You see, most people make the mistake of trying to find what they want out of life by struggling to control and manipulate the outside world. But, this only results in stress, frustration, disappointment, wasted effort, and a huge strain on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. No wonder your mind tends to act like an over-protective parent, subverting your most heart-felt desires by offering up discouragement and negativity while advising timid action or withdrawal.

Fortunately, those things that truly determine your quality of life - things like happiness, fulfillment, confidence, inner peace, passion, enthusiasm, personal empowerment and a true joy of living - are not external things you have to struggle and strive for. These things already naturally exist within you. You're simply not fully aware of them because of your mind's negative, distracting chatter.

The good news is that if you make the conscious choice to stop trying to control your external world in favor of taking charge of your internal world, your mind will find cultivating and nurturing these internal qualities to be a positive goal that it can eagerly and easily embrace. Hence, your mind, body and spirit join forces to pursue the common good.

That's what self-mastery is really all about - consciously taking charge of your inner life so that all of your thoughts and energies are directed at creating a happier, healthier, more effective, more resilient you. Then, with your inner world delighting in the strength and unity of your body, mind and spirit, you'll soon stop struggling to discover that mistake-free, problem-free world that doesn't exist, freeing yourself to enjoy the world, and your life, as it really is.