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Words of wisdom from our Holistic Brain guide:

"If we engaged in only constructive thinking, we would find ourselves with much, much less to think about and spend more time on the seemingly more cavalier right side of our brain - free to fully enjoy more of life without unnecessary distractions."

"It is the undirected, unmonitored mind that we allow to medle and interfere with the brain. It is the mind run amuck that creates some problems while imagining others that don't exist. Seize control of your mind, and you've taken a gigantic step towards unleashing the full power of your brain."

"Your level of enjoyment is never as important as the fact that you are indeed enjoying yourself."
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Try Less, Think Less,
And Live More
Have you bought into the concept that the way to a better, more enjoyable life is to try harder?

Is it working? Do you become a healthier, happier person the harder you try? Or, are you trying hard to get to the point where you don't have to try as hard?

One way of "trying harder" is to think a lot. Thinking, especially "thinking hard" (whatever that means) makes you feel like you're trying hard. It shows you that you're serious about the task at hand. And, giving something "careful thought" holds the promise of clearing the way for a mistake-free, problem-free course of action. It's your best chance for a happy, productive, fail-safe existence, right?

Think again.

In contrast to your present life, imagine a life that's easier, naturally effortless, flowing, fun, happy and carefree. Now, at the same time, imagine yourself being more productive and constructive, thinking and acting more clearly, confidently and decisively - more intelligently.

At first, being blissfully carefree and more effective and efficient might seem like incompatible opposites; qualities that cannot exist within the same person - perhaps especially you. However, with simple, holistic techniques to unify your body, mind, and spirit, as well as techniques to help you to distinguish when to think and when to flow, you can have the very best of both worlds.