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The Holistic Brain Guide:
We've identified 46 holistic techniques to help you both separate and enhance the powers of each hemisphere of your brain. These techniques will make you a more clear, insightful, productive thinker, as well as nourish your talent, creativity, awareness, intuition and joy of living.

All 46 easy, practical, effective and enjoyable techniques are clearly and fully detailed in The Holistic Brain - our comprehensive, 37 page guide that will change the way you think about thinking while developing your full potential for both clarity and emotional bliss.

Techniques include unique meditations such as Awareness/Appreciation Meditation, Whole Picture Seeing Meditation and Feel Great Meditation. There are also techniques to engage and properly aim your "servo-mechanism" (your automatic goal seeking and targeting system), techniques to help you tap into the "universal consciousness," techniques for harmonizing your body, mind and spirit, techniques for effortless action and techniques for letting go. You'll even learn how to empower your brain by releasing your inhibitions, rewarding yourself, expressing your creativity, pursuing your desires and practicing holistic exercises.
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The Holistic Hedonism Guide:
Pleasure has many extraordinary health-promoting benefits, yet very few people know how to cultivate and enhance more pleasure in their lives.

Most people think of experiencing pleasure as a rather simple proposition - either you do or you don't.

They don't realize how "associated states" can enhance pleasure, or how "affective habituation" can decrease the pleasure of the exact same experience. They don't know, and therefore can't utilize, the two attributes of desire that are critical to fully experiencing pleasure. They're unaware of the six very common yet little know enemies of pleasure. And, they're unaware of the many practical techniques for cultivating more pleasure, such as "self-complexity," "consistency" and "opponent forces."

With so many little-known positive and negative factors influencing your ability to fully seize and fully experience health-promoting pleasures, you would think that the pursuit of pleasure would be a holistic art - and it is. It's called Holistic Hedonism, and every aspect of it is fully detailed in our comprehensive, practical, easy-to-follow 32 page guide by the same name. It's guaranteed to give you a totally new perspective and appreciation of pleasure, while presenting amazing new techniques for cultivating maximum pleasure in every aspect of your life.

You have so much more pleasure to be gained, so much more joy to add to your life and the lives of others, so many positive effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being that the quality and quantity of pleasure that you experience should not be left to chance. Learn to give pleasure the high respect it deserves by cultivating it through the art of Holistic Hedonism.
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The Brain Sex Guide:
To achieve sexual exhilaration what's needed are holistic techniques that work on the mind and body as one, utilizing the full power of your brain to trigger and release your body's own vastly superior blend of natural aphrodisiacs, bringing both desire and pleasure to extraordinary new levels. Only with the body and mind united for the common good can each enhance the sexual capacity and capabilities of the other.

That's what our exclusive Brain Sex booklet is all about. In this enticing 37 page guide, you'll learn:

*What the brain really needs for sexual arousal.
*What the brain needs to promote sexual intensity.
*Why foreplay should not be your first step in initiating sex.
*The importance of frequent sexual stimulus.
*How to drop your inhibitions and free your "wild self."
*How to use your brain to give your erogenous zones greater sensitivity.
*Ways you may inadvertently be sabotaging your sex life.
*Little know techniques for developing new brain/genital pathways.
*How to prepare your brain for great sex.
*How seemingly irrelevant thoughts can trigger your brain's sexual center to shut down.
And much, much more.
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In The Game of Life,
It's Your Turn
In the game of life, it's your move. It always is.

What are you going to do with it?

The answer to that simple question will reveal your odds of winning, as well as the degree of
self-mastery you have over your own life.

Winning the game of life - and having true self-mastery - involves a simple process similar to that involved in playing any other type of game.

First and foremost, you simply can’t afford to miss or skip your turn. Fail to seize the opportunities and possibilities, big or small, available at this point in the game, and you’ll quickly find yourself playing from behind. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Why didn’t I …”, you’ve felt the disappointment in yourself for not taking advantage of your turn.


Secondly, your move must be consistent with your game plan or strategy. Whether your next move involves relaxing, playing, working, creating, experiencing, learning – whatever – if it’s inconsistent with your goals and desires, you will have thrown yourself off your game. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Why did I …”, you’ve experienced how making a move that doesn’t serve your own best self-interests can put you further behind and subvert your chances of winning.


Finally, you need to realize that while the goal of any game is to win it, the true purpose of any game is to enjoy playing it. Spend your move just going through the motions, unaware and unappreciative, and you’ll miss all of the pleasure and enjoyment that comes from being fully involved, focused and engaged in the game. If you’ve ever felt like there’s something missing in your life, it’s a sure sign that you’re focusing so much on the goal that you’re missing the fun and excitement of playing.


So, as you can see, winning the game of life should be easy, natural, effortless and fun. But, there's one catch: As with any other game, there's opposition.

To Win, You Need To Know Your Opposition

Most of us think of the external world as our opposition. If the external world would only cooperate with our goals and desires, we reason, life would be great. However, the external world is only the framework, or game board, within which the game must be played. The real opposition, and the reason we need self-mastery to win, is ourselves.


The real game of life requires giving up our futile efforts to control the external world in favor of taking charge of our internal world. Our internal world is where the game is won or lost.


Taking charge of your internal world so you can win the game of life requires that you directly take on the inner opposition that can make the game so difficult to play – obstacles such as habitual thoughts and action, secondary desires and aversions, affective habituation, the circle of doubt, the mirror of low expectations, personal and social hypnosis and much more that most of us are totally unaware of. These are truly the only things that stand in your way to fully enjoying and appreciating life – not the external world.


The good news is, again like in any other game, one of the biggest keys to winning is simply knowing and understanding your opposition.  Make that breakthrough and a life that seems to require striving, struggle and sacrifice will lose out to a new life full of fun, stimulus, enthusiasm and exhilaration. Game won!


That’s where Nowism comes in.







Nowism: Winning The Game of Life Through Self-Mastery
Brain Sex - FREE!
Your complete guide to uniting your body, mind and Spirit for great sex.
Holistic Hedonism - FREE!
Your complete guide to cultivating and enhancing pleasure in your life.
The Holistic Brain -
Your complete guide to holistic techniques for unleashing the full power of your brain.
Those may seem like extraordinary promises for one simple, natural and practical program to fulfill, but think about it. We're talking about a program that offers you total self-mastery, and when you master your internal world you master your life. Why should a life that you have full mastery over be anything less?

However, let's be clear. Even with self-mastery that external world will still provide you with your share of problems and frustrations. What changes is your attitude towards these things. Instead of allowing them to throw you off track, or possibly even devastate you, you simply view them as temporary obstacles that are a natural part of any process. They're like rocks in a river that you must simply navigate around. Nothing more.

That's part of the beauty of Nowism: Your reality, which is nothing more than the way you view the things in your life, can be easily altered to make the very best of any and every situation. Since your reality is nothing more than your perception, why not choose the reality that best serves your needs and desires?

Learn How To Play To Win
So if Nowism is your key to winning the game of life, the next question is obviously: How do I implement Nowism into my life?

Well, if you've noticed, we've been referring to Nowism as an holistic art. It's an art that is very easy and natural to learn and immediately practice, yet it's an art that can and should be cultivated and expanded on for the rest of your life.

You see, while the very basics of Nowism can be learned very quickly and its benefits enjoyed almost immediately, the inner opposition to the life you want never, ever stops. Relinquish control of your inner world for any amount of time and you risk the opposition taking back control of the game.

Therefore, you not only need to know what to do, but also what not to do. Or, more specifically, you need to be fully aware of the very many automatic or habitual ways that you unconsciously subvert the very things you want. Let just one seemingly unimportant yet harmful thought or action back in and it can make you exceedingly vulnerable to losing all control. Fortunately, knowledge and awareness gives you power.

The path to winning the game of life, achieving self-mastery through Nowism, and the constant threats you must guard against, is completely explained in the "bible of Nowism," The Holistic Living Series - a unique program that has been guiding people around the world for over 15 years. Everything in the Series is logical, practical and all-encompassing. It is, quite simply, the most powerful tool you'll ever find to help you naturally and effortlessly be who and what you want to be - to win the game of life.

It's all you will ever need because once you achieve self-mastery everything else in your life will fall into place.
Change your life by changing how you view it. Taking charge of your internal world gives you a much more positive perspective of every single element of your external world. Thus, the very same life you are living right now immediately becomes more fun, interesting, exciting and rewarding - full of amazing new opportunities and possibilities that you simply couldn't see before.
The Holistic Living Series
Your complete guide to mastering your internal world, uniting your body, mind and Spirit for the common good.
You'll Immediately Be Able To Download:
Through the holistic art of Nowism, you'll... Finally do all the things you say you want to do naturally and effortlessly... Think and act as the person you truly want to be... Find inspiration in and for everything you do... Replace the need for willpower with natural enthusiasm... Happily pursue your most heartfelt goals and desires... Move forward with confidence that you will overcome setbacks, problems and disappointments... Feel totally alive, awake and aware... Give every aspect of your life a fresh start... Fully revel in the process of living instead of insisting you can't be happy until you achieve your goals... Empower your Inner Spirit for a productive yet totally carefree approach to life... Free your full creativity and intuition... Find pleasure and satisfaction in everything you do... Enhance your appreciation of every aspect in your life...

In short, through Nowism you'll spend every day, every present moment, doing, being and feeling whatever it means to you to be winning your own personal game of life.

Your Expanded Guide To Nowism - With 3 Great Freebies
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OUR GUARANTEE: For years we have offered the Holistic Living Series with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee, and no one has ever in our 15 year history requested a refund. However, due to new marketing arrangements with other companies, the full package is now offered with a new 60-day guarantee.

(If you have any questions at all about this special program, simply email us at

To win the game of life, you need a winning strategy that guides you effortlessly and naturally through every move - one that gives you the happy confidence to be who and what you want to be.

Do you have such a plan or philosophy NOW?

It's your move. What are you going to do with it?

Start winning the game of life today, right now, by clicking the order button below.

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The holistic art of Nowism is a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology that allows you to take full control of your inner world one present moment at a time, all of the time, so you're always making the right move and thus winning the game of life.

To be in full control of your inner world ALL OF THE TIME, your efforts at self-control, or self-mastery, must be totally natural. You must be able to completely be yourself, honoring your own needs and desires while allowing your actions to flow calmly and effortlessly. You need to be enjoying yourself and having fun.

That's why most self-improvement programs and most attempts at self-mastery fail. They try to get you to be or act like someone other than who you are, and you simply cannot sustain an unnatural effort like that. Self-mastery cannot be switched on or off at will, but instead must become a natural, effortless part of who YOU are.

Nowism, on the other hand, is a totally practical and logical path or journey that you will thoroughly believe in and enjoy. There is no striving or struggle: no need for willpower. Nowism is simply you using every move, every turn, to be fully who and what you want to be - whatever that means to you.

Through Nowism, understanding your inner opposition allows you to quickly and easily move past it. All barriers are removed, leaving you with a sense of freedom and self-confidence that you may have never experienced before. Your reality, because it is an interpretation made by your inner self, begins to change. Suddenly, you see more opportunities and possibilities. You feel happier and more content. But, perhaps most surprisingly, you quickly realize that everything you've been looking for in life has been waiting inside of you all along. You've simply been unable to feel it and appreciate it up until now because your inner world was in such turmoil. It was only that turmoil, stirred up by your inner opposition, that was preventing you from fully enjoying life - from winning the game.

Better yet, as you practice Nowism, you'll quickly discover that mastering your inner world gives you the necessary calmness, confidence, clarity, commitment and enthusiasm to deal with that often uncooperative external world. Now you are able to see and seize opportunities and possibilities while refusing to be pushed off course by the inevitable problems and disappointments that are a natural part of life. Why is Nowism so effective, positively influencing virtually every area of your life? Quite simply, because instead of struggling in vain to change your external world, you've changed yourself back to the original "uncarved block" - the real you in which physical, mental and emotional well-being (and happiness) is your natural state.