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Words of wisdom from our Hoilstic Hedonism guide:

"Beyond the obvious benefit of being enjoyable, pleasure in biologically imperative to a healthy mind and body."

"A pleasurable lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle can and should be one and the same. Promoting greater physical and mental vitality enhances your enjoyment of every single aspect of life, as well as your ability to create and discover new ones."

"Stress and pleasure have very powerful, but opposite, effects on the body, mind and Spirit, yet both are simply perceptions. What's fascinating is that most people allow themselves a very wide perception of what is bad or stressful, but a very narrow perception of what is good and pleasurable."

"Without pleasure, pain is all we have to prod ourselves into action, to make us feel alive, awake and aware - if only morbidly so. Therefore, many people are reluctant to let go of pain unless pleasure is within easy grasp."
Unify Your Body, Mind And Spirit By
Finding Pleasure In Each Now
Finding pleasure in every present moment is not only possible, it's a crucial key to uniting your body, mind and spirit for the common good.

If you find yourself skeptical that it's possible to find pleasure in every moment, that's a pretty strong indication that you are not fully in charge of your life and/or your definition of pleasure is unreasonably narrow. Let us explain.

First, everything you do in life is a choice. You may fail to recognize your choices or options, or you may fail to seize the opportunity to make the choice, but that simply means you're not totally in charge of your life. You're simply leaving what comes next to the roll of the dice, or worse yet, someone else. If you sometimes feel like a victim, that's probably why.
In contrast, taking charge of your life begins with living every aspect of your life by clear and conscious choice, (see our information on self-mastery), and that involves making sure that every decision you make is consistent with who and what you want to be. So, if you are consciously choosing what you want, what's best for you, why shouldn't you find pleasure in whatever you do?

That's where the narrow definition of pleasure comes in. For many people, if the choice, no matter how appropriate or beneficial, entails some amount of effort, risk, work, doubt, sacrifice or discomfort, it's viewed as something to resist or dread. If that's your mindset, you can find pursuing and engaging even your most heart-felt desires to be devoid of pleasure and joy.

It's a fact of life that many pleasurable things come at a cost, and if you choose to focus on the cost instead of the payoff, you'll find yourself complaining about your own choice and delaying or subverting your own wishes. In essence, pitting your mind and inner spirit against each other, creating huge amounts of inner conflict, turmoil and malaise.

People with a healthy, resilient, expanded view of pleasure realize that it's more than just sex, a great meal or lying around on some exotic beach. It is also found in fulfillment, accomplishment, challenge, adventure, service to others, giving love and feeling loved, standing up for a cause, taking acceptable risks, learning, being true to yourself, and much, much more.

Taking charge of your life through self-mastery and expanding your definition of pleasure is a good foundation for creating more health-promoting, inner-harmonizing pleasure in your life. But, the great news is just beginning...