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More words of wisdom from our Holistic Hedonism guide:

"The concept of fighting stress by just relaxing or 'hanging out' and doing nothing is a popular myth because it's the easy way out. The best way to unwind is to switch to an alternate stress that uses different parts of your brain and body."

"Whether it's a food, a hobby, a game, sex, exercise, love or whatever else you've enjoyed in the past, the dimmer your memory of that pleasure becomes, the less desire you have to repeat the experience."

"No matter how much physical and/or mental energy you invest into a pleasurable experience, you'll find that same amount of energy reflected back to you."

"Confidence does not require eliminating doubt. Confidence requires acting in the face of doubt."

"Pleasure is best sought indirectly - by opening up yourself so that pleasure can flow in."

"The average person has convinced himself to try to avoid the unavoidable."

"Stimulus and the accompanying arousal are at the core of our successful functioning."

"If we live each present moment by choice, we can find pleasure in every single thing we do."
Learn To Exploit The
Full Power of Pleasure
Pleasure has so many health-promoting benefits that the real sin is that so many people have been made to feel shameful or guilty about it.

For starters, pleasure is scientifically proven to be the #1 antidote to stress. Not only does pleasure effectively relieve stress, it can even help prevent stress from developing in the first place. Additionally, recent research reveals:

Feelings of pleasure reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, directly improving immunocompetence.

The experience of pleasure leads to a significant increase in the activity of the body's natural killer cells which protect against infection.

Pleasurable, life-long learning may add as much as ten years to your life.

Work satisfaction and feelings of happiness are better predictors of longevity than good health habits.

Sex helps eliminate distress, pain, depression and insomnia while rejuvenating the immune system, alleviating the symptoms of chronic arthritis and frequently curing tension headaches.

Comforting touch reduces the heart rate.

The list of benefits goes on and on, with way too many to mention them all here.

Unfortunately, most people seem to view experiencing pleasure as a rather simple proposition - you either do or you don't. But, what they don't know can hurt them.

They don't realize how "associated states" can enhance pleasure, or how "affective habituation" can decrease the pleasure of the exact same experience. They don't know, and therefore can't utilize, the two attributes of desire that are critical to fully experiencing pleasure. They're unaware of the six very common yet little know enemies of pleasure. And, they're unaware of the many practical techniques for cultivating more pleasure, such as "self-complexity," "consistency" and "opponent forces."

With so many little-known positive and negative factors influencing your ability to fully seize and fully experience health-promoting pleasures, you would think that the pursuit of pleasure would be a holistic art - and it is. It's called Holistic Hedonism, and every aspect of it is fully detailed in our comprehensive, practical, easy-to-follow 32 page guide by the same name. It's guaranteed to give you a totally new perspective and appreciation of pleasure, while presenting amazing new techniques for cultivating maximum pleasure in every aspect of your life.

You have so much more pleasure to be gained, so much more joy to add to your life and the lives of others, so many positive effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being that the quality and quantity of pleasure that you experience should not be left to chance. Learn to give pleasure the high respect it deserves by cultivating it through the art of Holistic Hedonism.

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