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More words of wisdom from our Holistic Brain guide:

"Simply free your brain from all of the unnecessary things you've piled onto it in a misguided effort to help it along, and you'll discover the unrestrained joy that comes from tapping into all of its powers."

"It's easy to identify creative efforts that have fallen victim to the left brain's interference. They are dry, joyless, mechanical works that reflect the left side's seriousness instead of the right side's joy."

"Focus on what you want. The brain knows how to 'do,' but it doesn't know how to 'don't.'"

"You are complete, perfect package. Right here. Right now."

"Whatever you picture in your mind, the brain will respond - whether it is positive or negative, desired or feared, real or totally imaginary."

"Your tendency to think too much turns your left brain into what Nowists call the 'overprotective parent'. Instead of rationally and methodically evaluating the situation, making good choices and providing positive encouragement, it doles out unfounded cautions and warnings."
Holistic Techniques to
Empower Both Sides Of Your Brain
Being blissfully carefree is totally compatible with being logical, rational and productive. In fact, both sets of attributes can actually enhance each other. Here's why:

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking too much. Thinking makes you feel like you're being productive, yet excessive thinking (1). makes everything more serious and arduous than it needs to be. (2). creates doubt by insisting on certainties. (3). makes many or your actions hesitant and/or mechanical. (4). builds the illusion that there's an answer or solution "out there" when maybe the only viable course of action is to move on.

Another mistake people often make is feeling when they should be thinking and thinking when they should be feeling. Consider how often your thoughts are distracted by fears, doubts, anger, dread - or, for that matter, hope, love, desire and excitement. What should be clear, rational thinking is actually more of a muddle of rationalizations and justifications clouded by emotions.

Now, also consider how often your attempts at feeling good and enjoying life are interrupted by unnecessary thoughts. Instead of being aware, appreciative and fully engaged, are you busy comparing, judging, analyzing, evaluating, anticipating ...?

Imagine how much easier, happier and productive your life would be if you only used each hemisphere of your brain when it was needed. When it's time for clear, focused, constructive thinking, you could fully utilize the left hemisphere of your brain while shutting out the confusing, untrustworthy emotions of the right. When it's time to revel in life, you could switch over to the natural, creative, intuitive, flowing and receptive right side of you brain, freeing yourself from all the unnecessary and inhibiting distractions from the left side.

We've identified 46 holistic techniques to help you both separate and enhance the powers of each hemisphere of your brain. These techniques will make you a more clear, insightful, productive thinker, as well as nourish your talent, creativity, awareness, intuition and joy of living.

All 46 easy, practical, effective and enjoyable techniques are clearly and fully detailed in The Holistic Brain - our comprehensive, 37 page guide that will change the way you think about thinking while developing your full potential for both clarity and emotional bliss.

Techniques include unique meditations such as Awareness/Appreciation Meditation, Whole Picture Seeing Meditation and Feel Great Meditation. There are also techniques to engage and properly aim your "servo-mechanism" (your automatic goal seeking and targeting system), techniques to help you tap into the "universal consciousness," techniques for harmonizing your body, mind and spirit, techniques for effortless action and techniques for letting go. You'll even learn how to empower your brain by releasing your inhibitions, rewarding yourself, expressing your creativity, pursuing your desires and practicing holistic exercises.

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