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Unify Your Body, Mind And Spirit Through
The Holistic Power Of Sex
You can go through many aspects of your life with your body, mind and spirit in conflict, yet be relatively unaware of the problem and the damage that's being done. When it comes to sex, however, such inner disharmony can openly diminish or totally inhibit the sexual experience, robbing you of a great amount of pleasure and healing potential.

The very close link between your sex life and your inner harmony poses both a threat and an opportunity. The threat is that a rather lifeless sex life can spread even more inner turmoil and division. The opportunity is that a fulfilling sex life is extremely valuable in uniting the body, mind and spirit for the common good.

Your body and mind are cleverly wired together so that they are usually on the same page at the same time. Hence, if you are being chased by a dinosaur, sex is probably the last thing on your mind and becoming sexually stimulated is likely at the bottom of your priorities. With your brain and body pouring out very powerful "flight or fight" chemicals, your sexual resources are quickly and naturally overwhelmed.

The problem is that the average over-stressed modern man (or woman) tends to react to every problem or frustration as an attacking dinosaur, and sex, therefore, is either saved for a "better time" or it's entered into half-heartedly with little potential for pleasure. That lack of positive stimulus creates a lack of desire, and that lack of desire decreases the opportunities for stimulus. Stress is allowed to continue to build. Inner conflict mushrooms. Pleasure wanes. And, the brain and body gradually shut down the production of the body's natural aphrodisiacs. At best, you become stuck at a mediocre sexual plateau. At worst, you suffer sexual lethargy.

Fortunately, there are little-known holistic techniques to release your brain's full power to take you in the opposite direction - towards sexual exhilaration.



Words of wisdom from our Brain Sex guide:

"The paradox of great sex is this: Only by fully engaging your brain's attention can you free yourself from your brain's intervention."

"Sex and optimism are so closely interwoven that many scientists have reached the happy conclusion that optimism enhances sex and sex enhances optimism."

"Fully experiencing pleasure is an art, and the more we fail to give readily available pleasure our full intention and attention, the more we train our brains to become less and less sensitive, less and less aware."

"Familiarity breeds, well, familiarity. Your mind feels free to wander because it knows what's coming next and what it's going to be like."