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Sexual Exhilaration
When most holistic health enthusiasts think of holistic sexuality, two things likely come to mind - Tantra and herbal aphrodisiacs. Both can be exceedingly valuable, yet both have their limitations as well.

Tantra, within its various versions and interpretations, can bring sex up to a mystical or spiritual level, but it requires a level of sexual enthusiasm and commitment that you may not currently have. Aphrodisiacs, on the other hand, have the capacity to enhance both desire and pleasure, yet are rarely potent enough to fully overcome distracting stress or entrenched boredom.

To achieve sexual exhilaration, therefore, what's needed are holistic techniques that work on the mind and body as one, utilizing the full power of your brain to trigger and release your body's own vastly superior blend of natural aphrodisiacs, bringing both desire and pleasure to extraordinary new levels. Only with the body and mind united for the common good can each enhance the sexual capacity and capabilities of the other.

That's what our exclusive Brain Sex guide is all about. In this enticing 37 page guide, you'll learn:

*What the brain really needs for sexual arousal.

*What the brain needs to promote sexual intensity.

*Why foreplay should not be your first step in initiating sex.

*The importance of frequent sexual stimulus.

*How to drop your inhibitions and free your "wild self."

*How to use your brain to give your erogenous zones greater sensitivity.

*Ways you may inadvertently be sabotaging your sex life.

*Little know techniques for developing new brain/genital pathways.

*How to prepare your brain for great sex.

*How seemingly irrelevant thoughts can trigger your brain's sexual center to shut down.

And much, much more.

As with all of our other guides, the techniques in our Brain Sex guide are practical, easy-to-follow, fun and totally compatible with your own needs and desires. 

It's a win-win-win opportunity. You learn to enjoy higher levels of pleasure and passion. You reap the many fantastic health benefits of great sex. And, your mind, body and spirit are united for the common good, further enhancing your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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More words of wisdom from our Brain Sex guide:

"Seduction has nothing to do with pushing your own agenda. It's all about getting your partner to say 'yes' to each progressive step, all the while believing that much of what is happening is his or her idea."

Great sex is very animalistic. There's no thinking, evaluating, judging, comparing, analyzing or questioning. It's a time to surrender to the moment."

"The first thing necessary for great sex is a commitment to great sex."

"Your limbic system won't hesitate to bring on the blues if you deny yourself a healthy dose of bonding, loving, touching, playing, caressing, fondling..."

"Most people allow themselves to go long periods of time feeling sexually lethargic or disengaged. Then, when it's time for sex, they wonder why they have to struggle to essentially jumpstart a dead battery."

"One of the greatest aphrodisiacs is sex. The more sexual stimulus you enjoy, the more you desire to repeat it. "

"The more you think a thought, the more it is automatically repeated. So, be careful what you think."